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The Unfinished Business in the Basement of Your Soul

This blog post is a self-reflection on how I have personally dealt with “stuff in my basement.” There won’t be “7 points,” “5 How to’s,” or “10 Secret Tips.”​I am simply sharing a personal experience and struggle. Just like you, I have had many seasons in my life where I have had to figure myself out….


7 Actions Of High Impact Men

Do you ever stop to think about why some men seem to catch all the breaks in life, and some do not, no matter how hard they try?  Do you know men who seem to work hard but always seem to have some type of drama or crisis that drains them of their time, energy, or money?…


7 Must Read Books for Increasing your Financial Intelligence

The beginning of making, keeping and growing money starts with your own financial literacy.One of the most neglected subjects in the American education system is money. Of all the subjects we study in school, it is very rare, if not at all, that we are taught foundational principles of budgeting, saving, earning, investing, and growing financial…


FEAR – Your Worst Enemy is often Between Your Ears

FEAR: Your Worst Enemy is often Between Your EarsWith all the workshops, conferences and sermons I attend in a year, it is not uncommon to be asked, “What is your greatest fear?”Often, this question is part of a personal growth challenge and is usually attached to a charge to identify what may be holding a…


Book Summary: The Practicing Mind by Thomas Sterner

“The process of life should actually be the goal itself.” In those times when we face a formidable challenge or desire to acquire a new skill or get sucker punched right in the gut by life itself, what we need most are the virtues of fortitude, patience, focus, and discipline; traits that seem elusive or difficult…