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Challenge yourself and thrive in your Faith, Fitness, Family, and Finances.

About Men Of Growth

Men of Growth was founded to be a catalyst for empowerment and great change in men’s lives. Co-founders Byron Davis, Jade Molina and Scott Rogers (named in order as seen below) firmly believe that the most important thing we need in the world today is POWERFUL and ENGAGED men that are THRIVING in their Faith, Fitness, Family, and Finances.

Learn more about Byron, Jade, and Scott through each of their Origin Stories on the GROW or DIE Podcast. Simply click on their name above to hear their unique story.

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There is an epidemic in our culture today, and that it’s rooted in the fact that too many men are disengaged, frustrated, and are constantly looking for ways to escape.  

The fact is, men today struggle with trying to navigate the insanity of today’s busy world while also trying to keep up with the demands to perform. Unfortunately, men today get so locked up they don’t know where to turn for help, so they either sedate themselves or simply give up.

Men of Growth is our way of providing a solution to this problem!

We are a community and brotherhood of like-minded men helping each other Fully Engage Life and THRIVE in the most important pillars of our lives.

We believe Fully Engaged MEN  are…  

EMPOWERED: They are men that are passion-driven, find fulfillment in their work, live life on purpose, and have clarity about where they are going in life.  

EQUIPPED: They are avid learners and consistently collect the tools necessary to grow in their Faith (Spiritual Health), Fitness (Physical Health), Family (Relational Health) and Finances (Vocational Health).  

ENGAGED: They are men that live life to the full. They lead their families well, are intentional about passing on wisdom and legacy to the next generation, and in doing so they leave their mark and influence on the world.

Men of Growth Fast Facts…

1. Why “Men” and not “Man” of Growth? 

 Man is singular, alone, rogue and independent. Men are plural, more powerful together than they are alone. Together, they form an alliance for combined action, growth and influence.   

2. Why the word GROWTH and not some “Warrior” driven mantra? 

By definition, growth simply means… 

  • The Process of development and progress  
  • The Process of increasing in physical size  
  • The Process of developing and maturing physically, mentally, spiritually  
  • The Process of increasing in amount, value, and importance  


It’s simple, MEN are who this movement is for and GROWTH is what we are after!



By taking The Men of Growth Pledge, you are declaring that you’re done with whatever it is that’s been holding you back and you’re ready for something more!

The Men of Growth Pledge is a simple, yet powerful personal agreement that you make with yourself and the thousands of other men that have committed to personal growth and full engagement.

We are challenging every man to make an intentional step to become the husband, dad, brother, friend, and MAN they are meant to be.

Take the Pledge Today and Get…

1.  A Printable Version of the Pledge that you can sign and hang on your wall.

2.  DIRECT ACCESS to our Private Facebook Community and Resource Center.

3.  A FREE copy of the Men of Growth 4 Pillar Action Guide.